Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Modesty Rant...

I'm feeling frustrated with society in general, and zulily in particular.  I just sent them an annoyed message.

I just wanted to tell you something I am unhappy with. I was on your site looking for clothes for my ten-year-old daughter. I was excited to find a whole tween category. The clothes shown, however, were so immodest and skanky looking! String halter tops, for pre-teens, really? Yes, let's teach our young girls that they are only worth anything if they are sexy. I was pretty disgusted. I would love to see cute, age-appropriate clothes that have good messages on them. My girls (I have three) are smart, clever, strong, and cute. They don't need the world to look at them as if they are only good for men to have sex with.

Neon Orange Lace Halter Top - GirlsBlack Lace Fringe Tank - GirlsWhite & Black Lace Halter Top - Girls

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  1. I agree I am scared for Addison and she just turning 3