Thursday, January 18, 2018

China: Books by Grace Lin...

I LOVE this author.  The books by her that we have read are captivating, gentle, and wonderful.  Searching the library for this study of China I found her picture books, which are fantastic.  I had only known about Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

China Unit: Books...

I picked two books out of our library stack last night at random, and it turned out they were both retold Hand Christian Andersen stories re-set in China!  So funny.  We enjoyed them both.  I had never heard the Pea Blossom before.

Image result for the emperor has no clothes demi

Image result for the pea blossom by amy lowry poole

Cover art

This was good, although I expected it to be a factual history of chopsticks.  Rather it is a fictional story.  Still good.

Image result for chopsticks book

We really like this one.  Such a cute little mouse, and fun story.

We loved the illustrations on this one.  We want to read it again.

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The Legend of the Panda by  Linda Granfield - Hardcover - 1998 - from Russell Books Ltd and
Miss R thought this one was too sad.  And I definitely agree..

Daisy Comes Home

Warlord's Beads, The (Warlord's Series)

The Greatest Treasure
Possibly my favorite of all the China books.  Love the message.  In fact, this could be a church talk.  I want to own it...

Ping-Li's Kite by Sanne Te Loo (2002-02-05)

Another favorite.  Great story about girls' rights, as well as family history.

Brush of the Gods

Beautiful Warrior: The Legend of the Nun's Kung Fu
Miss A:  So, there was a princess who was born and the king decided that she would not go to a fancy girls' school.  He decided that she would learn the same as a boy.   He sent her to tutors like what a boy would do.  She learned kung fu and was the best at it, beating all the young boys.  One day when the princess was riding, warriors came and destroyed her home and ended her life as a princess.  From now on she had to make her own way.  Then she found out that some monks taught kung fu.  She went to the place where the monks lived and said "Let me show you."  Then a monk stepped forward and challenged her.  She beat him swiftly.  So they accepted her and renamed her Wu Mei, which means Beautiful Warrior.  Then she shaved her hair.  She began to teach other men how to do kung fu.  And when she fought against other people she would only fight if someone was killing someone else.  One day a girl named Mingyi had just sold a load of rice cakes and had a lot of money.  Bandits came and attacked her.  Wu Mei saw what was happening and she beat them in a fight.  Then when Mingyi was selling rice cakes a person named Soong Ling said "Marry me, or I will destroy your parent's home."  She was very upset, and she went to Wu Mei and said "Can you help me?  And she said "No, because I only fight to save lives."  Mingyi was very upset.  Then Wu Mei told her to go tell the bad guys, "Give me a year, and I will beat you in kung fu and I will not be married to you."  Soong Ling said ok.  So Wu Mei and Mingyi started training.  After a year she became very good at it.  When the day came that she had to fight the bandits, he came to her little village and said "Let's start the fight."  So like in her teachings, she bent down when he gave a punch and snapped back up to make him fall to the ground.  Then after a bit of the fight Mingyi picked up Soong Ling and threw him into the crowd.  Mingyi won her freedom by kung fu.
     I liked it very much.  Because it was about a girl fighting for her rights even when time was close. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Andes Unit: The Ugly One

Image result for the ugly one book

This is such a good book!  I think it is a level up from my girls in interest, not in reading ability, but I loved reading it.  And, it has an awesome resources page in the back.  Wish I would have looked there first instead of scrounging around for stuff about the Andes.