Thursday, March 9, 2017

Miss A Book Report

I read Who Is Malala Yousafzai by Dinah Brown.  The book is about a girl who was trying to stand for her right to go to school.  When she was 15, there was a war going on, and these people thought women couldn't do the same things as men.  So they said girls couldn't' go to school.  Her father owned a girls' and boys' school.  The people who were fighting Malala's country said that her father should shut down his school and re-open it only for boys.  But he said "No, I will keep my school open."  The bad guys were really angry at him.  So one day when Malala was going to school in a little bus about 15 feet long, the bus stopped, and two men hopped on the bus and said "Who's Malala in here?"  Everyone just took a glance at her and the bad guys knew who Malala was that instant because they had looked at her.  They shot Malala in the head.  After that she didn't remember anything.  Like being taken to the hospital, then she had to go to a greater hospital in England, which was 4000 miles away from her home.  But she survived the shot by real big surgeries done on her head.  Her hearing wasn't well and they had to do surgeries on her hearing as well.  Meanwhile her family was packing up to go visit her in England.  Once she was feeling better a little, she had to take a little walk in the morning, a longer walk after lunch, and an even bigger walk after that.  She was lucky she was in England because they had a really big university that Malala could go to.  She wanted to stay in England because the war was still going on.  But she could still do skype to her friends that she really missed.  She was still fighting to let girls go to school and she won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Also, she is the youngest person yet to have won the Nobel Peace Prize.
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